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And now something completely different: I talked to JoĂ£o Diogo Ramos, co-founder of LOAD ZX Spectrum, the first museum in the world dedicated to ZX Spectrum, its creators and everything around it. It was a long conversation but a good one, for sure. But even so, if you want to complain about being too long, you can do it. đŸ™‚

This is my latest video on “Palavra de Jesus”. It’s about some gothic comic books, wich would be nice to read at Halloween’s.

In this kind of “special” about the publisher Ala dos Livro, I make a review of two of their books. They are “A Morte Viva” by Vatine and Veranda, and “Comanche vol. 1” by Greg and Hermann.

These were the latest comic books I had at the time I recorded this video. Just watch the variety and quality of this material!